Board and Committee Charters

Date Description
31/10/2019 Code of Conduct Download
19/12/2019 Dealings in Shares (Securities) Download
26/06/2020 Code of Conduct - Duties and Conflict of Interest Download
23/10/2008 Constitution Download
26/06/2020 Continuous Disclosure Programme Download
17/12/2020 Board Risk and Compliance Committee Charter Download
25/05/2021 Board Remuneration, People and Culture Committee Charter Download
22/04/2021 Board Nominations Committee Charter Download
04/08/2021 2021 Corporate Governance Statement and 4G Download
17/12/2020 Board Audit Committee Charter Download

Company Policies

Date Description
15/02/2009 Risk Management Policy Download
15/02/2016 Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy Download
22/04/2021 Corporate Governance General Policy Download
18/12/2018 Ethical Sourcing Code Download
22/04/2021 Speak Up Policy Download
27/01/2021 Modern Slavery Statement - 30 June 2020 Download
03/08/2021 Diversity and Inclusion Policy Download
13/01/2022 Modern Slavery Statement - 30 June 2021 Download

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Date Description
29/07/2020 Dividend Reinvestment Plan (Reinstated) Download

Executive Share Plans

Date Description
27/07/2020 Long Term Incentive Equity Plan Rules.pdf Download
27/12/2019 Dealings in Shares (Securities) Download

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