GUD is committed to being an inclusive workplace that values and promotes diversity. Diversity encompasses gender, race, ethnicity and cultural background, age, physical abilities and religious beliefs. 

Encouraging and fostering diversity and inclusion enables GUD to attract and retain people with the best skills and attributes, and to develop a workforce which is best placed to deliver value to our shareholders, customers and the communities we serve. We believe there are additional benefits from an inclusive and diverse workforce, being a broader pool of high quality candidates and employees, a workplace culture, where people can fully and safely share their perspectives, skills and experiences, the presence of diversity of thought and improved employee retention. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Policy outlines GUD’s commitment to improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace and supplements our employment policies and standards, including as set out in the GUD Code of Conduct.

The WGEA Gender Pay Gap analysis for 2023 has been completed and our Employer Statement in response to this data, for all our Australian based business units within the group. Click here for more information.

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