Virtual Reality Driving Experience

There is a greater range of choice in the vehicle lighting market than ever before. Technology is rapidly evolving, improving, changing. Between HID, LED, driving lights, lightbars, worklamps, spread beam, pencil beam, hybrid beam, lux, lumens… how could anyone possibly have a clear idea of what to look for, what to buy?

The team at Narva, a leader in automotive lighting and electrical equipment, decided to rise to the challenge. What if, the team thought, you could see how different lights illuminate the road, walk around and see it from every angle, the spread, the distance, the fill of a light setup … all while the sun is out and daylight shines bright. In other words, how can we help customers be sure of what they need, if they cannot see how it works?

A cross-functional team of innovation, marketing and product experts decided to leverage recent improvements in 360-degree video and virtual reality for the solution. Now customers can get an immersive, realistic experience of how different types of driving lights perform in different terrain settings. Through the Oculus Go VR headset or the company’s web app, people can switch between light settings as they drive virtually on a highway, dirt road, or 4WD track. This enables them to finally make an informed decision by seeing and experiencing the lights at work. Thousands of people have enjoyed the Narva VR experience at trade shows, in-store demos and via the Narva website.

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