Sustainable packaging from waste cardboard – IMG

IM Group representing the Injectronics, Goss and MAP brands is a leading supplier of quality automotive electronic components, and repair and remanufacturing services for electronic and mechatronic parts. 

IM Group faced two key waste challenges: disposing of the cardboard boxes they receive each day and reducing the use of plastic bubble wrap to protect products during transport. 

The warehouse team at IM Group developed a fix for both of these issues with one simple, cost-effective solution. With the addition of a specialised cardboard shredder, IM Group now converts their waste cardboard into a versatile packing material to protect products during shipment - eliminating the use of plastic bubble wrap and reducing costs. 

IM Group has recycling in its DNA - with a business model built on remanufacturing and repair of electronic components saving them from landfill. This ethos is now extended to sustainable packaging design.

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