Rola Titan Tray MKIII - Elimination of plastic packaging materials

Rola, one of Australia’s leading Roof Rack & Cargo Management solution providers, recently released the MKIII Titan Tray, the Rola brand's flagship roof-mounted cargo management system. 

Alongside re-engineering the tray, the Rola team set about rethinking the packaging with a sustainability-first mindset. Setting an ambitious target to eliminate all plastics from the Titan Tray packaging Rola team has:

1) Eliminated plastic shrink wrap replacing it with paper pulp moulded inserts to separate and protect the surface of each tray plank

2) Switched to paper bags for hardware components such as nuts and bolts, replacing the use of plastic bags

3) Used 100% recyclable packaging materials for retail boxes, internal inserts and bags

4) Created online fitting instructions, animated assembly videos and QR code links to reduce the volume of paper-based instructions 

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