Narva Garage Sparks DIY Learning

The team at Narva is passionate about delivering the world’s highest-quality vehicle lighting products that meet and exceed customer expectations. This goes deeper than investing in research and development and providing outstanding customer service; it also involves educating the customer about auto-electronics safety and best-practice. When Australia and New Zealand went into lockdown, the team launched an online video learning series entitled ‘NARVA Garage’ to do just that. 

The straight-to-the-point, short videos are hosted on Narva’s website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. They are aimed at providing quick and informative answers to some of the common auto-electrical questions that the tech support team at Narva encounter from customers, as well as safe and best-practice DIY advice. The series has made customers feel more confident about working with auto-electrical products, whether it is the lux and lumens of an LED lightbar, the role relays play in a vehicle starting system, or safe and simple soldering. 

Since launch, the series has been hosted by workshop owner-mechanic and 4WD specialist Adam Adler, who won the ‘Face of Narva’ competition and with it the opportunity to host Narva Garage. With viewership growing rapidly plus an ever-expanding list of topics to cover, Adam needed some help and was soon joined by co-presenter and competition runner-up Ross Watson, who himself has turned spanners at Nissan and Subaru and brings a wealth of industry expertise to the series.

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