Mental Health and Well-Being

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the health and safety leaders of GUD’s businesses joined forces to develop mental health and well-being programmes to support their teams. At Ryco Filters, all senior managers were assigned virtual teams of employees who did not include any of their direct reports. During weekly check-ins these teams talk about wellbeing and discuss any concerns with the mental health first aider or an appropriate senior manager. This has proven to be a positive initiative for both the leaders and their teams in getting to know each other better as well as not feeling isolated during unchartered times.

In addition, the Ryco Community Team was created, where all employees can engage in conversation and share experiences with each other, both work and social. The Community started a Friday Clean-up routine to ensure work-at-homers followed a cleaning regime established at head office. Virtually together as a team, everyone worked to music to create a clean, safe workplace for the next week. 

Finally, the team at Ryco created a care package that was sent out to all staff in Australia and New Zealand. With a personalised note from management, the package contained a limited-edition mouse pad with an inspirational safety message, pens, drink coasters and other ‘feel good’ components. The feedback on what seems a simple gesture, in addition to staff support available through GUD Holdings, was very well received by the team. It was important to show continuing efforts to maintain the Ryco Community. Not surprisingly, employee engagement levels at Ryco, and other GUD businesses for that matter, rank in the top quartile globally. 

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