Ryco and BWI in Top 10 most innovative companies

Ryco and BWI are among top 10 most innovative companies in ANZ

With innovation at its core, two GUD businesses have placed in the top 10 of the Manufacturing & Consumer Goods section of the Financial Review Boss Most Innovative Companies Awards. 

GUD’s filter business Ryco took out 2nd place, and Brown & Watson International (BWI) 3rd place in the 2021 awards.

Receiving their award for their Microshield N99 ‘medical-grade’ air filter, Ryco’s work to develop their world-first ‘medical-grade’ air filtration for vehicles was driven by a desire to protect the health and safety of vehicle occupants from hazardous pollution, allergens, bacteria, and viruses.  The Microshield N99 uses a unique integrated fine-particle filter to eliminate biological agents.  

Brown & Watson’s 3rd place is attributed to their creation of a full program of jump starters utilizing PROJECTA's world-patented Rapid Recharge technology.  The technology uses a vehicle’s alternator to recharge the jump starter battery – taking only 40 seconds to fully replenish any charge lost during the jumpstart process.   

Managing Director Mr Graeme Whickman stated “we are proud of the work done by the teams at Ryco and BWI.   Their desire to push for better ways to serve the people who use our products, and our customers is second to none”.  

The awards come after GUD businesses have placed in the prestigious awards for the last two years running. 

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