Work Safe, Home Safe

Safety matters. But how do you make it really matter so that it becomes a personal priority for every employee? At Davey, the Work Safe / Home Safe campaign was designed to do just that.

Originally designed to promote open conversation about fatal risks, the initiative used all-hands roadshows and interactive competitions and activities that promote safety reflections whilst connecting teams. When COVID-19 hit in March, the Work Safe / Home Safe campaign took on an entirely different dimension. For some of the team, the separation between work and home disappeared entirely when they started working from home. The campaign was adjusted to address relevant issues of working safely from home, covering topics ranging from home office safety to wellness and mental health topics. For others, their workplace looked entirely differently, and the support of those team members shifted towards reinforcing workplace hygiene and safety protocols, in addition to promoting wellbeing strategies for all. 

Taking safety into the home and personal lives of employees has transcended a focus on compliance and ‘at work’ risk mitigation. Work Safe / Home Safe has resulted in numerous examples of employees taking safety seriously at a personal level and has created increased awareness, camaraderie and respect in the Davey team. Today, the team at Davey continue to build a community of people who actively partake in challenges around specific risk areas, who share personal safety stories, and who actively engage online and in-person to make sure everyone gets to work safe, home safe. 

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