Water Research for Drought Proofing

Davey Water Products has been manufacturing products that help protect and enhance lives for 85 years. So, when a research farm was looking for a system that allows scientists to test water management practices for drought-proofing, the team rose to the challenge. 

The research farm had an ageing water infrastructure that was neither reliable nor flexible enough to meet the growing and varying demands of the researchers. Davey delivered a sophisticated system for transferring water between dams and tanks, and even mix water, around the site to where stock is kept. A series of solar-powered bore pumps and vertical multi-stage pumps is tied together with a communication system that allows scientists to monitor and control water management remotely. 

Today, the farm has a water management system that is largely future-proof, very flexible and expandable. It allows scientists to study the impact of water quality on stock watering and feed quality for drought-proofing purposes. Water management information and practices are passed on to farmers so they may take the opportunity to preserve the water resource on their farm sustainably. This is just one example of how Davey leverages its expertise to improve water management practices throughout Australia and the world.

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