Smart Water Level Monitoring

When your livelihood depends on rainwater, being able to manage your water tank levels is critical. Yet, most households relied on the rough-and-ready ‘tap the tank’ approach to get a sense of how their water levels were tracking for the year. Once the tank water runs out, the only alternative is to spend big on water cartage to ensure sufficient water for the family. 

To take the hassle out of guessing whether there is enough water in the tank, the team at Davey conducted extensive field studies to understand consumer behaviour. The result is Davey TankSense—an invaluable device that monitors and tracks water levels to ensure supply is always available. TankSense is customised to suit specific living arrangements and provides real-time data via a mobile app to show how many days’ supply is left. The mobile application monitors a household’s specific water usage patterns and issues an alert when water levels drop below a critical level. 

In addition, TankSense predicts weather events, saving people from ordering water unnecessarily if the tank water levels will rise from expected rainfalls. Designed for above-ground water tanks, TankSense is easy to install and use. There are about 900,000 homes without access to mains water in Australia alone, suggesting Tanksense can create meaningful value for many families. The TankSense team were victorious in the Teams Category during the 2019 GUD Innovation Excellence Awards. 

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