Smart Power Management for RV's

Projecta is a leader in automotive power management solutions. When the team at Projecta learned that manufacturers of recreational vehicles (RVs) and caravans were asking for an all-in-one solution for their power needs, the team rose to the challenge. 

Recognising the inefficiencies and complexities that new technologies have brought to the electrical wiring stage of a caravan build, Projecta partnered with supplier TBB to develop Intelli-RV –  a range of “plug and play” power management systems. The partners vastly simplified wiring for builders, cutting labour time by half. They also reduced electrical footprint by unifying wiring to a safe and reliable access point, thus further reducing build cost so the savings may be passed onto the end user. 

What’s more, Intelli-RV provides consumers with an advanced means of monitoring and controlling the electrical circuits and appliances throughout their caravan or RV at the touch of a button, or via their smartphone. The compact and universal install nature of an Intelli-RV system allows users with even basic electrical knowledge to retrofit these products to their own caravan or RV, enjoying the benefits of monitoring and controlling their electricals with functionality previously seen only in proprietary factory systems featured in premium models.

Projecta won the Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product award at the prestigious Australian Auto Aftermarket Awards in 2019.

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