Lighting the Way with Advanced Optics

More powerful and compact LEDs create lights with higher output, but these lights also place greater demands on a vehicle’s electrical system. This is okay so long as the number of LEDs is less than the more-power-hungry halogen or HID equivalents. However, modern lighting systems tend to integrate large numbers of LED lights, thus creating power demand that exceeds prior use and causing performance and longevity issues. Not to mention that this pushes up the price with high-end, modern LED automotive lighting commanding up to $1,000 per pair of lamps. 

So, the team at Narva, a leading automotive lighting and electronics brand, set out to deliver outstanding performance without the hefty price tag. Its specialist lighting engineers developed detailed performance maps of premium competitor offerings from around the world. They paired that insight with knowledge of local driving conditions to develop the Ultima 175 and 225 Enhanced Optic LED driving lights. 

The products pair enhanced ‘Optic Drive’ technology with the latest in CREE® XHP LEDs to capture and harness the light output, precisely focusing it for maximum volume and penetration where it's needed most. The design uses 3 LEDs as opposed to 36 or more in equivalent products, significantly reducing cost and therefore price. Innovative design features such as an anti-fog heatsink make the lights suitable for icy weather conditions and perfect for export to North America and Scandinavia. The sophisticated European design has been recognised by the 2019 Good Design Awards as best in category. The lamps have been successfully launched locally and internationally.  

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