Cranking up the Catch Can

Ryco Filters is the leading brand for premium aftermarket filtration. The company takes pride in putting the customer at the heart when delivering a comprehensive range of products that meet or exceed genuine performance. So, when the team at Ryco Filters turned its visor to crankcase ventilation, they talked to mechanics first. 

What they learned in the field, set them up for engineering success. Whilst crankcase filtration systems are not new, existing products were missing the mark—especially in the growing 4x4 diesel market. By observing mechanics at work and through customer conversations, the team identified the mix of features that workshops were looking for: easy to install, can be fitted to a large range of modern engines, effectively filters contaminants, works reliably with emissions systems, and offers internal capacity large enough to last the service interval. 

Following an in-depth review of technical papers and standards, the team created a new technical standard and specialised laboratory test to objectively measure and benchmark the system. Engineers took 3D-printed samples to mechanics to test the ease and versatility of fitment, iterating designs along the way. As the product was co-designed with mechanics to Ryco’s premium performance standards, it was no surprise that market feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. There is now a strong demand to expand the Catch Can with customised fitment kits for specific vehicles along with a unit for smaller vehicles.

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