Cleaning Up in Car Care

A leading supplier of automotive aftermarket products for over 30 years, Wesfil takes great pride in delivering efficient, reliable and friendly customer service. It is through the personal relationship with its customers, that the company can identify new product development opportunities beyond filtration. 

The newly launched Cooper Kleen range of DIY cleaning and restoration products is one such example. Wesfil conducted in-depth market research to identify niche application areas where existing products failed to meet customer expectations in terms of price and performance. In close collaboration with its extensive network of supply partners, the company was able to quickly assemble and distribute a complete assortment for mechanics and car enthusiasts alike. The range combines packaging innovation like the grab-a-rag microfibre dispenser with advanced headlamp restoration that takes the hassle, and cost, out of making headlight lenses good as new. 

Customer demand for Cooper Kleen has exceeded expectations as Wesfil continues to expand the range. In addition, it has encouraged the company to create further non-filtration offers like Tri-Power platinum spark plugs and Exelwipe high-performance windscreen wipers. These initiatives are born out of and further cement Wesfil’s close customer relationships and reputation of premium customer service. 

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