Circular Economy for HEV Batteries

Since 1984, Injectronics has been providing supply solutions for electronic and mechatronic components to the automotive aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers. Today, the brand enjoys a market leadership position in this market and much like those early days in 1984, the company is looking towards the future for growth. With continued focus on R&D and innovation, the team at Injectronics are turning to the next generation of vehicles: hybrid electric vehicles. 

As HEVs become more commonplace, so too does the need for HEV-specific aftermarket products and services. Notably, HEV battery packs deteriorate over time, resulting in longer charge times, lower mileage and a generally lower performance profile. HEV owners have limited choice when it comes to replacing or repairing a retired battery pack. Generical mechanics typically lack HEV-specific knowledge and local specialist EV repairers cannot access a reputable aftermarket alternative to the original equipment (OE) replacement product. OE products are typically higher-priced, such that it no longer warrants the investment in an ageing vehicle. As a result, there is no viable, scalable HEV battery refurbishment and resource recovery program in Australia.

Injectronics wants to leverage its existing expertise in automotive component remanufacture and repair, distribution and service to provide a quality aftermarket alternative for HEV owners. With federal grant funding support under the Automotive Innovation Access Lab Grants scheme, the company will research and develop testing and balancing equipment to create a circular economy for retired HEV battery packs.

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