Bringing Smarts to the Pool

Davey has a long history of designing premium quality pool products for the residential market. With a worldwide customer base, the company is dedicated to continuously improving its range to deliver greater customer value and to reduce cost of production. 

Introducing Nipper, a clever and compact chlorinator which uses Davey’s intelligent controls to keep pool waters swim-ready, all year long. The team at Davey worked closely with end-users and distribution partners to develop the next generation of chlorinators, all the while reducing product cost by one third and halving product development lead times. Designed in Australia, the ergonomic Nipper is easy to install, energy-efficient, and has fully customisable chlorine outputs irrespective of the type of salt used. The product was first launched to the European market with great success.

Building on the traction of Nipper and further market research, Davey continues to progress the pipeline of pool products. The Lifeguard product will complement the Nipper chlorinator by automating the chemical control of residential pools. The WiFi-enabled chemical control unit will be launched with a companion mobile app that enables remote monitoring and control. Roy Morgan research reveals that in Australia alone, nearly 2.7 million people live in a house with a swimming pool. Nipper and Lifeguard will be available in Australia and all Davey regions worldwide.

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