Better Every Day

Griffiths Equipment Ltd (GEL)is a leading distributor of quality automotive products in the New Zealand Market. In 2020 GEL established the “Better Every Day” program to uplift WHS culture through every team member, every day. The program has implemented over 30 initiatives to date focused on safety improvements, clear communication and developing safety leadership including:

  • Daily 8 am stretching program
  • Formal manual handling training for warehouse staff
  • Monthly team communications meeting and morning tea
  • Wellness checks led by an occupational nurse to screen for blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and diabetes and provide referrals for further action
  • Updated traffic management plan and forklift safety controls
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy and random drug and alcohol testing

We believe that every one of our initiatives create a huge jump forward in terms of being ‘better every day’ and demonstrating care and respect for each other. 

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