Air Filter Test Laboratory

Australian vehicles regularly experience hot, dry and dusty environments and we have some of the finest dust in the world. The air filtration systems of many original equipment manufacturers are not adequately designed to suit the demands of the Australian environment.

Ryco has been designing and testing aftermarket filters to international standards for the ANZ market for decades and has acquired significant field experience during that time.

Ryco’s ability to develop world-class filters is underpinned by world-class testing facilities that can accurately measure filter performance. Unlike fluid filters that use the more accurate fractional efficiency method of testing, international standards for air filtration still employ a basic gravimetric method to establish filter efficiency.

Ryco has worked with a leading German test rig supplier to specify and build an air filter test system that tests air filters to a higher degree of accuracy. The system includes a particle counting system to measure the exact size of particles that permeate filter media providing a much higher resolution of filter media performance.

Ryco now has the capability to test air filters at a far greater accuracy than current international standards enabling better solutions to be developed to suit the ANZ automotive market as well as expand future opportunities.

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