A New Era in Filtration

Ryco Filters has been a leader in automotive filtration products for over 80 years. Cabin air filters remove dust, pollens and odours from the air going into the passenger compartment. At 2.5 micron filtration, Ryco already offers some of the best-performing cabin air filters in the world. As 2020 has brought bushfires and a pandemic, people are increasingly concerned about air quality. 

Rising to the challenge, the team at Ryco mobilised quickly to create the air cabin filtration equivalent of premium N99 face masks. This meant taking a market-leading 2.5-micron filter to 0.3 micron – fine enough to block many combustion gases, wood smoke, bacteria, and sneeze droplets. The difficulty in achieving this outcome was to stay the course to Ryco’s unwavering commitment to genuine performance in terms of efficiency, life and flow. Through advanced research and development, the team managed to pack enough electrostatic nano-fibre media into the product to achieve 0.3 micron filtration, without sacrificing life and flow. 

The Ryco MicroShield N99 range will hit the automotive market in September 2020.

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