GUD’s Automotive business comprises a number of leading aftermarket brands.

The group acquired Brown and Watson International in July 2015, followed by purchasing Griffiths Equipment in New Zealand late in 2016, Innovative Mechatronics Group (IM Group) in June 2017 and AA Gaskets in December 2017.

GUD’s automotive brand portfolio now includes its long-standing brands Ryco, Wesfil and Goss along with the recently acquired Narva and Projecta and various brands in the Griffiths Equipment and IMG businesses. AA Gaskets goes to market with its Permaseal and Crossfire brands.

Ryco was the original business in the GUD Group and is the leading brand of automotive filtration products in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Wesfil is a major importer of automotive filters and other replacement parts. Wesfil services aftermarket customers via its national network of seven branches.

The product range includes oil, engine air, cabin air, fuel and transmission filters marketed under the high-profile Ryco, Wesfil and Cooper brands, and fuel pumps and associated engine management parts that carry the equally well-established Goss brand.

The acquisition of BWI added the equally well respected Narva and Projecta brands to GUD’s stable. Narva is a leader in the lighting and electrical accessories market segment while Projecta concentrates on the battery maintenance and power products market.

Griffiths Equipment holds a portfolio of diversified branded accessories products, some of which are distributed for brand owners and some of which are owned by Griffiths.

IM Group supplies a range of engine management and electronic replacement parts, including ignition coils, oxygen sensors, air mass meters and cam/crank sensors. It also engages in the repair and remanufacture of automotive electronic components. Its brands include Injectronics and MAP.

AA Gaskets, including NZ Gaskets, operates in the automotive aftermarket and is the leading specialist automotive gasket manufacturer, importer and wholesaler in Australia and New Zealand.

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